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Enjoy the best of the Christmas season as Elmhurst Choral Union and Elmhurst Choral Union Chamber Singers present A Virtual Christmas 2020. This on-demand concert is available online from Dec. 18, 2021, through Christmas Eve. The concert, which includes Handel’s Messiah and an assortment of Christmas carols, is led by conductor Scott Uddenberg and features organist Kevin Wong. Everyone at Elmhurst Toyota is ready to celebrate the holiday season, and we’re sure A Virtual Christmas will be a great Christmas event.

A Virtual Christmas 2020Handel’s Messiah was composed in 1741 by George Frideric Handel and first performed in Dublin on April 1742. The London premiere took place the following year. Since then, the oratorio gained popularity, eventually becoming one of the most popular choral works. The text was supplied by Charles Jennens and derived from the King James Bible and the Coverdale Psalter. Handel completed Messiah in just 24 days, working for long periods without food or sleep.

According to one story, after Handel completed the Hallelujah chorus, he shouted, “I did think I saw heaven open, and saw the very face of God.” Supporting evidence that this is a true story can be found on a copy of the original score, where the notes appear as if they were written with increasing ferocity.

There’s a custom of standing for the Hallelujah chorus that began with the belief that King George II stood at the London premiere, which would have made it necessary for the audience to follow suit. However, there is no evidence that the king attended that or any other performance of the piece.

Elmhurst Choral Union is an exceptional auditioned chorus that performs classical works and great choral music of all eras. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to experience A Virtual Christmas 2020.

Date and Time:
Concert access is available Dec. 18 through Christmas Eve, 2020

This is a virtual event.

A Virtual Christmas 2020 is available for streaming with any online donation. Get tickets at elmhurstchoralunion.org/tickets.

For More Information:
Contact info@elmhurstchoralunion.org or call 630-758-1100.

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