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From Prairie to Tree Town: Tales of Old Elmhurst provides viewers with the opportunity to learn about the exciting history of Elmhurst. This pre-recorded talk that will take you on a fascinating trip through Elmhurst’s past. You’ll learn about its growth from a small prairie settlement to the prosperous modern city it is today. Your host is Dave Oberg, director of the Elmhurst History Museum. This lecture is offered free on YouTube through Tuesday, March 1, 2022. At Elmhurst Toyota, we’re proud of the history of our community. We encourage everyone to watch this overview of Elmhurst’s history.

From Prairie to Tree TownThe talk features stories, photos, documents and maps that bring the story of Elmhurst to life. The first known settlers of the Elmhurst area were the Potawatomi Native American tribe, who lived along Salt Creek, just south of where the city of Elmhurst would later develop. In 1842, Gerry Bates, an Ohio native, founded a community called Cottage Hill on a parcel of land that would eventually become Elmhurst’s City Centre. The name was changed to Elmhurst in 1869. Two years later, Elmhurst University was established, marking the city as a major educational center. From Prairie to Tree Town: Tales of Old Elmhurst presents the city’s timeline with never-before-told stories and photos that complement this educational experience.

Today, Elmhurst is a modern city with a lively artistic and cultural scene. The city has a population of approximately 47,260 residents. Family Circle magazine rated Elmhurst as one of the Ten Best U.S. Towns for Families in 2014. The city continues to grow and develop, which is presented in the presentation’s concluding section.

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From Prairie to Tree Town: Tales of Old Elmhurst is available online through Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

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