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March 25th, 2020 by

Now that spring is here, it’s a good time to take a few minutes and check your car’s tires. Tires are important to your vehicle and your safety. They support the car’s weight, transmit brake force and traction to the road, and absorb road shocks. Keep your Toyota car, truck or SUV running safely by checking the tires at regular intervals. Many tire manufacturers recommend inspecting the tires every 3,000 miles. You can do this yourself, or you can visit Elmhurst Toyota and ask for a tire inspection. If your car needs new tires, we can recommend the best tires for your vehicle.

Toyota Corolla tiresThings to check include the tire’s tread depth, air pressure and signs that the tires are wearing out. Some types of tire problems can be repaired, while others will require you to buy new tires.

Driving on worn or bald tires is dangerous, especially in wet weather. The tire tread provides the traction your car needs to drive safely on wet roads. The water on the road is pushed into the tire grooves, drawing it away from the tire’s surface. If the tire is worn, the water stays in contact with the surface of the tire. This results in hydroplaning. Instead of driving on the road, the vehicle is now riding on a layer of water. Without traction, the driver can lose control of the car.

Checking the tread is an easy way to tell whether your Toyota needs new tires. Place a penny into the tire’s groove, with Lincoln’s head facing down. If some of Lincoln’s head is covered, the tire’s tread depth is good. If not, the tire will need to be replaced.

You should also check the tires to see if they’re properly inflated. Driving with underinflated or overinflated tires can be dangerous. Many people don’t realize that the air pressure of their tires changes with the temperature. Tire pressure increases by about 1-2 psi for every 10 degrees of warmer temperature.

When buying new tires, you’ll find numerous brands and types of tires. Keep in mind that all tires aren’t of the same quality. If you’ve been satisfied with the way your car has been driving, it’s a good idea to buy the same tires that came with your Toyota.

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