Talking Cars? Now We’ve Heard Everything

October 28th, 2015 by

talking cars

Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you could drive your cell phone? Well, maybe you’re not like us, but at Elmhurst Toyota we think about stuff like that occasionally, and in our make believe cell phone car scenario, that car is always a Toyota.

It’s not a stretch either as Toyota has plans to become pioneers in the talking car market. Known alternatively as “vehicle-to-infrastructure” and “vehicle-to-vehicle”, this technology allows cars to talk to other cars via data transmittal infrastructure. If the future of driving is autonomous cars, then this capability is essential. While other automakers are no doubt working feverishly to bring these so-called talking cars to the market, Toyota is the first to announce its intentions to deliver.

By the end of 2015, Toyota will offer a safety package called the “Intelligent Transportation System” or ITS for short. The company already offers this package on three of it cars available on the Japanese market, but they have not made any other commitments on price or which vehicles would feature them. Once this technology is supported by counteracting sensors and cameras on the roadways, vehicles with this technology will be able to exchange information about traffic signals, receive warnings and updates, and maintain safe and steady speeds at all times.

It is believed that in Japan this technology will save thousands of lives every year. In Japan, traffic accidents at intersections make up for about 40 percent of all accidents. Through enhanced communication between car and sensors, vehicles fitted with these ITS capabilities will be able to avoid accidents in these high risk areas.

It may be some time before this technology finds its way onto highways in the US. It may be longer still until the additional sensors and signal equipment is installed to allow for the technology to work. What does seem for certain, however, is that this technology, as well as other forms of automated driving, is the future. That day will get here and we will be much more safe on the road as a result.

Until then you’ll just have to drive your own Toyota. That’s not so bad though. We have plenty of great models of cars and trucks for you to choose from. Stop by and visit us soon. We are located at 440 W. Lake Street in Elmhurst, IL.

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