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May 6th, 2020 by

COVID-19 has made it necessary to take classroom education online. To help students learn in the new virtual environment, Toyota has partnered with Discovery Education to provide a series of virtual field trips as part of TeenDrive365. These free interactive excursions allow students to experience extraordinary places in the safety of their homes. At Elmhurst Toyota, we applaud the innovation and leadership Toyota has shown to assist students during this challenging time.

Toyota TeenDrive365 Support Students – Elmhurst ToyotaChildren and parents across the country can now immerse themselves in innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, vehicle safety and automated driving. The virtual field trips offered by TeenDrive365 include digital learning experiences in areas such as:

  • Cars of the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Automated Vehicles: Students can discover how Toyota Research Institute is utilizing artificial intelligence to create automated vehicles and human support robots, highlighting machine learning and other STEM concepts.
  • The Toyota Impact: The Engineering Behind Safe Driving: Students can learn how some of today’s top engineers handle the challenges faced by drivers and learn how they design features that make driving safer.
  • Toyota Under the Hood: The Science Behind Safe Driving: Students can explore the latest innovations developed at Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Princeton, Indiana. Developments include automotive safety, robotics and more.

“These free virtual field trips and career exploration videos help open up a world of possibility for youth and are a great way to learn,” said Al Smith, Group Vice President and Chief Social Innovation Officer.

The Toyota TeenDrive365 Challenge provides an opportunity for teachers, parents and teens to learn about safe driving habits. A video challenge designed for high school students helps raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

TeenDrive365 is a digital program developed as a collaboration between Toyota and Discovery Education. The program provides free digital learning resources that offer valuable information on safe driving habits to educators, families and teens. Toyota TeenDrive365 is available at teendrive365inschool.com and through Discovery Education Experience.

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