Toyota Brings in German Parts Maker

November 25th, 2015 by


When consumers think about the Toyota brand. it’s understandable that Japan comes to mind After all, that is where the corporation originated. So it came as a surprise to many that when the Toyota Motor Corporation launched their new Toyota Corolla in Japan this year, they also disclosed that their ground breaking crash prevention system is to be made by a German parts maker.

According to executives, the decision to go a different path was not lightly made. Until recently Denso Corporation was a huge component of their traditional supplier network. The company is a major parts maker of equipment for high-end Toyota models. The new system’s technology will come from Continental AG, and will eventually spread to other models in the fleet sold in Europe, Japan, and even here in the United States by the end of 2017.

This change in the company’s standard process has drawn much attention to the growing concern of Japan’s auto industry. With part suppliers once considered an integral part of the process, it’s becoming clearer that many haven’t moved with the times and the age of technology. “Competition in the global automotive industry is becoming fiercer,” said Toyota President Aiko Toyoda early in 2015 adding “This is the time when Toyota must change its formation.” Change seems to be in the air as many are now taking notice of what are referred to as “one stop shops” that can offer automakers everything from engine software to automatic braking systems.

It’s unclear at this point if other changes will be made or if other parts makers will be brought into the fold. One thing is clear; the Toyota Motor Corporation is headed forward and looking ahead to what’s the most beneficial to their customers. Like the old saying goes, change is good. With a global presence and advancing technologies Toyota will be able to continue to offer top quality vehicles at affordable prices.

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