Toyota Delights with 60 Second Ad

October 19th, 2015 by


The Toyota Tacoma is the truck for anyone who ever dreamed of taking off for a road trip at a moment’s notice. It’s the truck for hauling, driving, mudding, exploring, lounging, and pretty much anything else your mind could dream up, and you only need sixty seconds to experience it all. In the new ad for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, the creative agency team from Saatchi and Saatchi LA decided to cram all of this wonder into one “Countdown” ad spot, and the results are magical.

“60…59… tick tock,” says the narrator opening the new ad counting down to “56 dopamine receptors in your brain and you gotta fire ‘em all.” Mixed in with these bold descriptions are beautiful and very organic shots of the Toyota Tacoma, along with people essentially living out the ultimate day in pickup truck heaven. Racing, nature, biking, mudding, are all happening surrounded by beautiful forestry and placid lakes. Then, in an instant, you’re transported to the warm sandy dunes suited perfectly for dirt bikes and couch boarding, yep couch boarding.

The narrator jumps back in with “50 weeks a year you wear a uniform, play by the rules… not today.” It seems the Toyota Tacoma doesn’t play by the rules, and you shouldn’t either. Moving down to “25 years old and you’re still playing in the mud,” the narrator is showing the way back to youth, innocence, and fun. It seems as if everyone living in this “Tacoma land” is living the dream, and here at Elmhurst Toyota we want in too.

With an MSRP of only $23,300 the Toyota Tacoma is the perfect weekender’s pickup; versatile and still big enough to haul whatever camping equipment you need to survive a ten day trek in the mountains. This year, the body of the 2016 Tacoma has received a whole new look showing off strong chiseled lines and an overall muscular style. With storage for bikes, boards, and almost anything in between, this pickup is built for playing.

Come in to Elmhurst Toyota and test drive the Toyota Tacoma today and imagine what the next sixty seconds in your day could look like…

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