Watch Toyota Time-Travel with Some Old Friends to Celebrate the New Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai!

October 28th, 2015 by

Hydrogen-Powered Mirai

It’s been a rather arduous wait for those anxiously keeping up with the release of the groundbreaking new hydrogen fuel cell sedan, the new Toyota Mirai, but with the day finally arrived for the first of these futuristic icons to be delivered to customers, it looks like the story of the Mirai is just beginning. As it turns out, the Mirai isn’t the only one celebrating an impressive milestone this month, and we were more than tickled to hear about the friendly meeting that Toyota set up to get everyone in the mood to ring in anniversaries of all kinds.

Successfully delivered to the first group of owners on October 21st, Toyota was also thrilled to discover that the Mirai shares its celebratory spirit with some other, much-loved, and long-established icons of American culture. Celebrating it’s 30thanniversary this year is the classic film Back to the Future, which, among many other notable accomplishments, helped to cement the enduring status of the mythical DMC DeLorian in automotive and popular culture. As many may recall or may have been reminded, Back to the Future II also finds its heroes arriving in the future on October 21st, 2015, only to find themselves lost in a world of fantastic technology. Naturally, Toyota found it hard to resist suggesting a meeting of the minds to make the most of a truly memorable day.

As a result of these efforts, Toyota has just followed the Mirai’s emergence with anew promotional video featuring the heroes of Back to the Future, accomplished actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, discussing the amusing details of the future they helped to envision and taking a trip of modern technological discovery under the guidance of an excited Toyota engineer. While the pair agree that there are certainly still a lot of things yet to come as per the film’s predictions, they also share excitement over the many things that were accurately predicted and are, of course, now taken for granted. Still, in the end, it’s hard for even experienced time travelers to resist being impressed by the technology that powers the awesome Mirai.

Similarly, while our cars may not quite be ready to lose their wheels and take to the skies, there are plenty of innovations in today’s world that have clearly been greatly inspired by and based in the progressive, innovative technological spirit captured inBack to the Future. With the genial support of these two old friends behind it, it seems reasonable to say that the revolutionary Mirai represents an impressive part of the future that many have long hoped would become a reality.

With this little nod to the future of the past, Toyota hopes to continue in the spirit of innovation to take the milestones celebrated by the new Mirai into a future full of many similar innovations waiting to carry us to better, and as we’ve seen, perhaps even more truly unpredictable, places. Keep an eye out here at Elmhurst Toyota for word about more interesting results from the first wave of Mirai models, and for plenty of information about all of the futuristic plans Toyota has in the works!